SWEETish began as an idea to bring a unique sensory experience to each client's doorstep.  Life can be so hectic sometimes that we find ourselves deprived of moments of bliss and mindfulness.  Our collections aspire to reclaim those moments and hopefully inspire new ones.

As a small, black, woman-owned company, we have always been undergirded by our community.  We believe in the concept of reaping and sowing.  As the recipients of great community support, it is important to us to cultivate that same level of support and investment.

All of the products we carry are designed, created, and produced by small businesses and Atlanta-area artisans.  Your support of our business is also supportive of theirs.  We all thank you. 

You allow us to share our gifts with you and in turn provide for our families and communities.  As we grow, so will our investment into other small businesses.  We commit to assist others through start-up expense subsidies.  Please subscribe to our email list to keep in touch.

Until the next time, we appreciate your business and we hope you enjoy your SWEETish.